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List of the Archives in various collection that relate to Alston Moor

Alston Town Hall

Books in Alston Library Reference Section

This is a list of the books in the reference section of the Library
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List of Archives

This is a list of the archives held in the Library.
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Alston Historical Society Archives
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Cumbria County Records Office, Carlisle

References to Alston Moor in Cumbria County Records Office
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Alston Records. County Library, Carlisle

This is a list of the archives held in the County Library
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Northumberland Records Offices

List of records kept in Offices in Northumberland, Woodhorn, Ashington
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Beamish Open Air Museum

Slides of Alston Moor, in County Durham
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Alston Moor Historical Society acknowledges with grateful thanks the support and the financial contribution provided by Alston Moor Parish Council and the people of Alston Moor, without which none of our work would be possible. 
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The history of our unique community, from its earliest records to the present day, is of great social and cultural importance.  We have links all over Europe, in the Americas and in Australia and New Zealand and doubtless in other places.  People come from across the world to see where their ancestors came from, and the study of our two millennia of mining history alongside farming, road engineering and more, the rôle of women in rural communities, the development of compulsory education, the transition from mining to the 21st century economy  (and much, much more) makes our archives a very important resource.
About Us
Alston Moor Historical Society was founded in 1973 and, due to the nature of Alston Moor, it is a member of both the Northumberland Association of Local History Societies and the Cumbria Federation of Local History Societies.
Alston Moor Historical Society
Alston Moor, Cumbria. UK.
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