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Here you will find articles and stories relating to Alston Moor. They are written by people who take an interest in Alston's history. Some are about the distant past and some are more up to date.

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Categories: 21st Century

It has long been an aim of Alston Moor Historical Society to officially recognise some of the Historic places on Alston Moor which have, in some cases, been long forgotten.

Categories: 20th Century

During the economic depression of the 1930s Alston was a particularly distressed area. The lead was almost completely worked out and there was no industry to replace it.

Categories: 19th Century

Thousands of people over the years have left Alston Moor, mainly for work or the hope of a better life. The Archives have some interesting stories.

Categories: Archives

Look what we found in the Archives. A booklet/newsletter from 2006 documenting local history including first bringing water to Nenthead, builder's invoices and of course the murder!

Categories: 19th Century

It’s hard to credit that Alston’s streets have been lit longer by gas than by electricity - - about fifty years longer, in fact; but, the gas was first lit in 1843...........

Categories: 17th Century

In 1642, the north of England, as well as other parts of the country, where the old feudal order was strongest, was held by the king, and his commander in the area was Sir Philip Musgrave of Eden Hall near Penrith.

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