In the early days of Covid Lockdown, we were awarded the standard Small Business grant which enabled the Society to embark on this project. We considered it appropriate to use the grant for something which would benefit the community.

We identified the sites and were successful in being given permission from the owners to fix the nameplates on their property.

A considerable amount of time was spent thoroughly researching historic documents, photographs, letters and maps held in the Archive to find evidence of these old names. 

The nameplates include some which are well known locally and some which have been long forgotten for example, Grisdale Lane, Pigeon Lane, Potato Market, Lemon Square and Fiddler Street.

This project was designed to open up awareness of the past and hopefully intrigue visitors for many years to come by erecting “visitor-friendly” signs. The nameplates had to reflect the historical ethic so we finally decided upon gold on black with scalloped edges.

Locally, the name-plates have been very well received with many positive comments being given.